About me..
I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council and also the Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine designated by the initial MRCTM and have achieved an approved standard of training in both traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine bound by a Code of Ethics and Code of Practice by the register.

I have worked in hospitals in Beijing, China, post graduate studies, and I have been practising acupuncture for over 24 years. My career professional development is ongoing through attending courses and seminars, whilst reading contemporary journals.
Training background
In 2013 Alison successfully completed and passed her MSc qualification at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese medicine after an intense two year study programme.

Her thesis was centred on the effects of acupuncture on the outcome of assisted conception procedures. Alison gained first hand experience in working and corresponding with Professor Wang over the two year period and drew upon the professor's vast expertise. Now Alison can utilise both the theoretical and clinical knowledge to help clients within the field of infertility and general medicine.
Professional Code of Practise
  • I have a duty to my patients to maintain high standards of care,competence and conduct.

  • The relationship between me and my patient is that between a professional and a client who is entitled to put complete trust in me as professional. It is my duty not to abuse this trust in any way.

  • Any patient consulting me has the right to expect that I will make their care my overriding priority listen to them carefully and respect their confidentiality explain my findings to them and ensure that they understand what I tell them.

  • Patient consulting me has the right to expect that I will inform them clearly of the nature and purpose of any proposed treatment. I shall respect their autonomy and encourage their freedom of choice ensure that they know how and where I may be contacted at all times.

  • In providing care I shall assess any condition thoroughly, with appropriate examination and investigation. I shall recognise the limits of my professional competence and work within them. Provide, where appropriate and with the patient's consent. relevant information to other health professional who are caring for them consult others and refer for investigation and treatment elsewhere when necessary.

  • I shall keep accurate and comprehensive case notes and records, review the patient’s treatment and progress at agreed intervals. I shall assess the suitability of further acupuncture treatment and encourage patients, to seek other forms of medical treatment if I feel that acupuncture is no longer the most appropriate means of treating their problems.