Client Testimonials
"Having suffered for many years with Migraine headaches it was suggested that I try acupuncture. Alison was recommended to me - she was very easy to talk to and after having a course of acupuncture I have never looked back, the migraines became less and less.

It has made a big difference to my life."

"I was recommended to Alison Courtney by an acquaintance of mine who was aware that my husband and I had been trying for a baby for a number of years and had suffered several miscarriages; the problem was not only conceiving, but maintaining the pregnancies too.

When I finally plucked up my courage, I found Alison to be a most welcoming, caring and interested person. She posed pertinent questions and listened carefully to the responses.

I was amazed that just by feeling the pulse points for a couple of minutes; Alison could list accurately all minor ailments that were inherent. Not only did Alison treat this with the needles, but she also offered sound lifestyle advice, showing a really good understanding of the balance of internal and external intakes the body needs to perform at its optimum. I was impressed by her knowledge of diet and how acids/alkaline could have a positive or negative affect on fertility, conception and gestation depending on the balance and time of day. She was also able to recommend publications which went into this in more depth, one particular book I subsequently have recommended to two friends in similar circumstances who have both had acupuncture elsewhere and both are now expecting!

The acupuncture itself was most relaxing, Alison uses the finest needles which I believe are generally used for children, I never felt any pain, nor did I bleed. I always left the sessions feeling energised, positive and ready for whatever life could throw at me. I am now the very proud mummy of a beautiful little boy; I do attribute the successful gestation, in part to Alison Courtney and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else for any ailment."