Alison is passionately dedicated to all her couples who have acupuncture to support fertility. Many of her clients have had much benefit from the treatments; feeling relaxed and cared for throughout a potentially stressful time. Alison is well aware how important it is to work closely alongside orthodox medicine, and is always updating her knowledge and keeping up with the latest research.

In fact, in 2013 Alison successfully completed her Master’s degree. She was under the close tutelage of Professor Wang at Guangzhou University. Alison researched The Effects of Acupuncture On The Outcome Of Assisted Conception Procedures. Throughout her studies she gained valuable knowledge, not least to understand the various IVF protocols and time- scale involved. It is evident, however, that more studies are needed to substantiate the use of acupuncture in areas relating to fertility, conception and pregnancy.

Research has been done in the following areas:

• How acupuncture can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle
• Regulate hormones
• Improve blood flow to the uterus
• Lessen stress
• Improve the quality of sperm.


Alison sees many women throughout the stages of pregnancy, including symptoms of morning sickness, backache and headaches. She also sees women before labour to help them to relax and offer reassurance. Everyone is treated as an individual with tailored-made treatments.

I first met Alison after unfortunately experiencing 3 miscarriages and a failed IVF cycle. I was immediately impressed not only by her clear expertise in acupuncture with couples experiencing fertility problems but also by her warmth and understanding in relation to what I had been through over the previous three years. She always explains very clearly the relevance of the acupuncture points she is using and obviously has a great depth of knowledge in the process of fertility treatment and the stress it causes to the individual/couple. I started treatment with Alison approximately 4 months prior to starting another cycle of IVF. By using certain acupuncture points she helped get my body ‘baby ready’ and as strong as it could be to help maintain a pregnancy. I continued to see Alison throughout my pregnancy which not only helped me maintain my pregnancy but also helped to reduce my stress levels (an anxious time for me following my miscarriages) and have some valuable relaxation/me time! READ MORE