“We have been patients of Alison for over three years and always look forward to our appointments. She is professional, well-informed, kind and supportive. Her experience has enabled us to continue to be active, despite various conditions and to reduce the ravages of time. Having been treated by several acupuncturists previously we are happy to recommend Alison.”

“I was recommended to Alison Courtney by an acquaintance of mine who was aware that my husband and I had been trying for a baby for a number of years and had suffered several miscarriages; the problem was not only conceiving, but maintaining the pregnancies too.

When I finally plucked up my courage, I found Alison to be a most welcoming, caring and interested person. She posed pertinent questions and listened carefully to the responses.

I was amazed that just by feeling the pulse points for a couple of minutes; Alison could list accurately all minor ailments that were inherent. Not only did Alison treat this with the needles, but she also offered sound lifestyle advice, showing a really good understanding of the balance of internal and external intakes the body needs to perform at its optimum. I was impressed by her knowledge of diet and how acids/alkaline could have a positive or negative affect on the fertility, conception and gestation depending on the balance and time of day! She was also able to recommend publications which went into this in more depth, one particular book I subsequently have recommended to two friends in similar circumstances who have both had acupuncture elsewhere and both are now expecting!

The acupuncture itself was most relaxing, Alison uses the finest needles which I believe are generally used for children. I never felt any pain, nor did I bleed. I always left the sessions feeling energised, positive and ready for whatever life could throw at me. I am now the very proud mummy of a beautiful little boy; I do attribute the successful gestation, in part to Alison Courtney and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.”

“After years of fertility problems and multiple failed IVF attempts, I decided to put my needle phobia to one side and try acupuncture. From the very first session with Alison I felt at ease – she is a very caring person who listened with interest, is extremely knowledgeable and who carried out treatment with great care and attention (also with patience and understanding for my needle nervousness!) After each session I felt relaxed and energized. Within a few months of treatment I was pregnant and am now the extremely proud mum of a baby boy. I really believe that Alison’s treatment was a big factor in helping me and my husband and I achieve something we had almost giving up hope on and I would not hesitate in recommending Alison to anyone.”

“Having suffered for many years with migraines, it was suggested that I try acupuncture. Alison was recommended to me - she was very easy to talk to and after having a course of acupuncture I have never looked back, the migraines became less and less. It has made a big difference to my life.”

“Thank you, thank you, you worked your magic once again. Feeling fantastic today for the first time in over a week. Many thanks. “

"I started visiting Alison ten years ago, when I began to get obvious menopausal symptoms and I did not want to go down the HRT route. From the very beginning, Alison’s treatments helped me, so much so, I sailed through the menopause without any other aid.”

“Acupuncture with Alison, isn’t just receiving a treatment for an ailment, it is about looking after your whole body and mind. She has an amazing ability, insight, into your inner workings, which can be a bit unnerving to start, but you soon realise it is entirely for your own benefit, and you learn to go with the flow. So you may go to see her for an obvious ailment, but will come away, knowing a lot more about yourself.”

"Having had treatment from different acupuncturists, including coming from China. Ms Courtney is more attentive, empathic and understanding. Her knowledge is mind boggling and although a tad “needle phobic” I never felt a thing! More importantly I felt a great benefit from just one treatment. I would recommend her without hesitation”.

“I am a 46 year old female, diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines where I lost the use of my left side and motor skills including my speech. My partner drove me to my first acupuncture appointment.  Alison read me like a book and stunned my partner by her accuracy.  By tuning into all levels and the underlying problems, after my third visit, I’ve never had a full blown migraine and all symptoms have gone. My partner is now a patient, a life time of taking pills for blood pressure and gout. On his last visit, his blood pressure was the lowest it had ever been. I am a big fan of acupuncture.”

“I have received treatment from Alison for nearly 12 years and have always found her a sympathetic listener, and a skilful, committed practitioner.  She has helped me over the years with menopausal symptoms, psoriasis, optical neuritis, energy levels and long-term stress and anxiety.  For my age (57) I feel in good health due to Alison’s support.  It is good to know that Alison is here if I need any health-related support”.

“I had been told that the pain in my heel was arthritis and I would have to take pain killers and would always have it.  Alison looked, identified ‘policeman’s heel’ and after 2 or 3 sessions I had no more pain or pain killers to take”.

“Alison was recommended to me by my retiring acupuncturist. She is dealing with a gut problem I have for which the NHS have prescribed constant painkillers which do not deal with the problem. Acupuncture definitely helps.

Alison can cure a migraine with one needle and controls the osteoarthritis pain in my hands. She very effectively deals with the various aches and pains associated with age, lifts me up if I am down and energizes me when necessary. Alison is very calm, kind and efficient and willingly goes that extra mile.”

“I first went to see Alison 8 years ago for help with tinnitus. The world can look bleak and negative for tinnitus sufferers with no real cures available.  However, the acupuncture I have received from Alison has certainly helped me recover from the exhaustion that followed the onset of the tinnitus.  This, in turn, has helped me manage the tinnitus and improve my quality of life beyond comparison. At present, I am receiving acupuncture treatment from Alison to help with the symptoms of a hiatus hernia and these have certainly reduced in intensity and number.  I find acupuncture puts me back in balance – physically, emotionally and mentally.  The ongoing effect for me is my overall constitution feels stronger and I am sure my immune system is also benefitting”.

“Alison is one of those rare acupuncturists with a gifted ability to diagnose as well as treat a myriad of conditions. Using the time-honoured skills of Chinese healing and analysis, Alison Courtney offers a sympathetic and thoroughly professional service for people of all ages and outlooks.”