Please wear clothing that gives easy access to areas that are most commonly used in treatment which are generally located on the lower arms and legs.

Try not to have treatment on an empty stomach or immediately after a large meal. Alison advises to have eaten within the last four hours.
Please bring with you a current list of medications, as it will further the diagnosis and treatment plan. If you have been prescribed medication, Alison recommends that you tell your doctor you are planning to have acupuncture.

Before having acupuncture...


During the initial consultation, Alison will weave together the information necessary to make an accurate diagnosis, leading to an informed acupuncture prescription. Questions are centered on the current symptoms and medical history. She will look at your general health and lifestyle, for example, appetite, sleeping pattern and emotional wellbeing. Women are also asked about their gynaecological system, including menstruation, menopause, and past pregnancies.

Alison will ask you to describe the nature of the symptoms, whether they are constant or intermittent, and the frequency, whether it is dull or sharp, better for movement, or if it improves with rest.
Alison will take your pulses and look at your tongue in order to gain more knowledge and complete the examination. She will take and record your blood pressure.

Your first visit...


Acupuncture points are selected which may not necessarily be close to where you might be experiencing discomfort. Although, Alison chooses local points to treat pain with adjacent and distal points. Single use sterile needles are used and disposed of after each treatment into a sharps box. Acupuncture needles are extremely fine, unlike needles used for injections and blood tests When the needle is inserted ,you may feel a slight tingling or a dull ache. This sensation lasts for only a second or two. The needles are left in for about 20 minutes, during which time the patient can relax.


After the needles are removed, Alison will take the pulses again and discuss her findings. It can take a day or two to feel an improvement, although an acute symptom like a headache can go during treatment.
“Alison can cure a migraine with one needle… lifts me up if I am down and energises me when necessary. Alison is very calm, kind and efficient and willingly goes that extra mile.” 

Acupuncture sessions are very calming , and it is best to refrain from anything strenuous afterwards and give yourself time to relax.



On occasions and when applicable, Alison will use “Moxibustion” which means “Burning herb” in Japanese. A moxa stick is similar to a rolled cigar in shape, and is primarily made from the dried leaves of the herb Artemesia vulgaris latiflora. It is lit and is placed near to the acupuncture needle. Most patients like the warm sensation. It is generally applied to warm and relax muscles. Alison will also apply “Hoe Hin” strain relief ointment to areas of pain. Chinese herbal medicine can also be prescribed. Lifestyle advice is freely discussed to enhance the long -term effects of treatment. This could involve discussions about a more appropriate diet, and exercise plan. Alison will also recommend other therapies when appropriate.



Alison will discuss this with you during the consultation. The frequency and number of sessions really depends upon the condition being treated. Normally improvements can be felt after two to three treatments. It might be that one or two treatments are enough. Many of her clients come regularly to maintain their health, rather like an MOT.

Alison works mainly from her clinic in Williton where she maintains a thriving practice; welcoming clients to discuss their health issues .She offers a free 20 minute initial consultation.

How many sessions will I need?